Barn Door Trends


The timeless and stylish look of a barn door adds a compelling finish to any home. Recent interior design trends reveal the use of barn doors by top interior designers. Open up a Pinterest or Instagram feed of any home design influencer, and you’re bound to see a few images of spectacular, custom made barn doors.

Choosing Between Levers or Door Knobs


Your choice of fixtures amplifies the style of your door. It’s the final point of engagement between entering and exiting a room. When you or your guests turn a knob or press a lever, it cues a subconscious response of what to expect as they enter the living space that lies behind the door.

Custom Home Office Design Ideas to Maximize Productivity


When it comes to productivity from people working in a home office, there is no hard data as to whether or not people working from home get more done. However, one thing is known, having a customized office space at home that is dedicated strictly to work, can increase productivity from a home office.

How to Make Your Closet Better


One of the wonders of being a homeowner is discovering how the smallest changes can sometimes have the biggest impact on your home. Upgrading your closets is the perfect example of this. Many of us don’t think much about our closets and wardrobes after all. We inherit whatever is there when we buy our homes, and maybe we feel a smug, warm glow if we happen to have a walk-in closet.

Primed Interior Doors


Finish off your home remodel with primed interior doors. These doors come primed and ready to paint, there’s no need for trimming or sanding. All you need to do is paint, add your fixtures and install the door.

Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-In Closet


Curating the perfect walk-in closet is a satisfying experience. There’s something magical about walking into a customized space that displays hand-picked garments, meticulously and stylishly arranged in contrasting colors, each with their own special place. Walk-in closets in are a standard feature for many homes, but what makes the fashionable difference is what the closet contains and its presentation.

Interior Door Installation Tips


Many people do not realize how important the interior doors are to a home. One of the easiest ways to transform your home in just a few days is to change out the interior doors. When you look around your house and notice the doors have become outdated, it is time to install some new ones.

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